Qwhet is the first true wearable micro current wound heal device that stimulates hard to heal wounds. With the innovative smart textile electrode, stimulation takes place, where it’s the most effective, in the wound.


Microcurrent electrical stimulation (micro ES) speeds up the wound healing, it increases the cell production, the angiogenesis and tissue oxygenation. By using an innovative electrode Qwhet can stimulate in the wound.


The Qwhet device is very small silent and lightweight, therefore it gives maximum movability. It has a long battery life time. Because of its size and weight, the device can be worn concealed underneath clothing, how convenient is that!easy-use-icon-01

Easy to use

The device is easy to use and self configuring, no control switches or selection dials. So making the wrong selection is not possible and the installation goes very fast no precious time is lost.